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I’ve been a tutor at NGF for almost a year now and I haven’t seen a nonprofit with so much dedication to their kids and their tutors. When people ask me where do I go almost everyday I can’t help but brag that I’m a tutor at Next Generation Focus. The amount of effort thatContinue reading Joshua A. | Teen Volunteer | 2018

Joshua A. | Teen Volunteer | 2018

I started volunteering with Next Generation Focus as a freshman in high school, and I am now currently in my senior year. I have seen some kids grow from fourth graders into eighth graders in that time span, and this organization has really helped them reach their full potential. A kid who was once soContinue reading mahi521 | Teen Volunteer | 2018

mahi521 | Teen Volunteer | 2018

Working with NGF has been an amazing, life-changing experience. I am so grateful for the relationships I’ve built with the most wonderful people and bright students. The opportunity to serve that I’ve gained through NGF has allowed me to grow in many ways, and I wouldn’t be where I am without them! I truly can’tContinue reading natkim | Teen Volunteer | 2022

natkim | Teen Volunteer | 2022

Volunteering in Next Generation Focus has been an extraordinary experience. I love working with kids every day, as I have been able to guide them and help them out! I’m grateful to have had this experience and look forward to volunteering more in the future.

Laavanya G. | Teen Volunteer | 2021

I’ve been with NGF for around 1-2 years now, and I’ve enjoyed every single part of it! NGF sincerely cares about the kids they provide tutoring services to, and helps tutors build life-long bonds with the kids. Truly an amazing experience!

Aparna J. | Teen Volunteer | 2022

It’s amazing. My experience with this nonprofit was definitely unique and fun. I enjoy working with NGF. I first wanted to work here as a volunteer to boost my reputation as a high school student, and as I got more involved, I realized that there is more to this than just work. There are aContinue reading Priyanka T. | Teen Volunteer | 2021

Priyanka T. | Teen Volunteer | 2021

In the two and a half years I have been with NGF I have personally been able to see students grow and improve academically. I too have gained irreplaceable skills in professionalism and responsibility. It is so great to be in an environment where the staff and volunteers are so well supported and care forContinue reading Jadenn J. | Volunteer | 2022

Jadenn J. | Volunteer | 2022

Joined just to fill up my college resume and realized how much I have a passion for learning and teaching. It was really great working with everyone through this organization. Everyone was extremely kind when I had no idea what I was doing and I am definitely glad that I joined. There is constantly soContinue reading Sam K. | Teen Volunteer | 2021

Sam K. | Teen Volunteer | 2021

I joined NGF only around 6 weeks ago, but I already love the program! Being able to be a tutor for younger kids is such an honor to me, and is helping me improve on my public speaking, as well as social interactions! I love hearing all about the kid’s lives and what they do,Continue reading advaith_nair76 | Volunteer | 2021

advaith_nair76 | Volunteer | 2021

Wonderful organization! The people are great to work with and tutoring students is rewarding. I love how NGF has helped me improve my talking and tutoring skills.

shaziakhan909 | Volunteer | 2021