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My daughter always had problems reading on her grade level. She has always been reading a couple grades lower than her grade and hated reading. I’ve had private tutors and read every night with her. Since she has been taking the SmarterMe class she loves reading and for the first time on her report cardContinue reading Doreen | Parent | 2012

Doreen | Parent | 2012

I am a teacher with NGF. I love the dedication that is offered to students who need support with school. The staff works very hard to connect with the children and provide them with a warm, inviting, and supportive environment that helps them strengthen their skills. I love how lessons are adapted to meet theContinue reading teach2000 | Teacher | 2016

teach2000 | Teacher | 2016

We have had the blessing of hosting NGF at Norcross for the past 2 1/2 years. This ministry has been a blessing to so many children and families in our neighborhood who are struggling with school and unable to afford private tutors. Seeing the glow on students’ faces as they become more confident in theirContinue reading NorcrossFirst | Volunteer | 2017

NorcrossFirst | Volunteer | 2017

I am a volunteer with Next Generation Focus and have been for over four years. NGF gives help to children that are struggling with their math, science and reading. Sometimes they get one-on-one tutoring. The tutors are enthusiastic and are eager to help the children learn and catch up where they are behind. This non-profitContinue reading Becky Ricketts | Board Member | 2016

Becky Ricketts | Board Member | 2016

I’ve been a tutor at NGF for almost a year now and I haven’t seen a nonprofit with so much dedication to their kids and their tutors. When people ask me where do I go almost everyday I can’t help but brag that I’m a tutor at Next Generation Focus. The amount of effort thatContinue reading Joshua_A | Teen Volunteer | 2018

Joshua_A | Teen Volunteer | 2018

This is my second year at Next Generation Focus, and I can say that it has been a fantastic experience. When I began to tutor at NGF I did not know what I was in for. NGF has changed me in many ways. Viewing many students struggle and having the opportunity to help them isContinue reading Writer | Teen Volunteer | 2017

Writer | Teen Volunteer | 2017

I started volunteering with Next Generation Focus as a freshman in high school, and I am now currently in my senior year. I have seen some kids grow from fourth graders into eighth graders in that time span, and this organization has really helped them reach their full potential. A kid who was once soContinue reading mahi521 | Teen Volunteer | 2018

mahi521 | Teen Volunteer | 2018

NGF has given me absolutely wonderful and endless opportunities to help me reach my dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. Not only have I been able to get experience teaching children, but I also now get the opportunity to bring NGF to Athens and tutor the children in my area. My love for thisContinue reading oliviarose | Volunteer | 2018

oliviarose | Volunteer | 2018

NGF has been such a great organization to volunteer for. They focus on education to help kids feel confident and poised to continue their education and potentially go to college. Amy is so caring and truly wants to enrich the kid’s lives and enhance the Norcross community.

Jenny R.3 | Teen Volunteer | 2017

I started volunteering with Next Generation Focus in early 2018. I had no teaching experience (my background in business is HR and Payroll) but was retired and wanted to serve the community that is served by my Church. I felt I could help students with their reading homework and get to know them and theirContinue reading Barbara Kean | Board Member | 2018

Barbara Kean | Board Member | 2018