Rebeccaxyan | Teen Volunteer | 2013

I began volunteering at NGF beginning of last year as an outreach project for my club at school– little did I know that this program would have such a profound impact on my life. Seeing the kids grow not only academically but also socially has been an extremely rewarding experience; I have personally seen students expand their vocabulary, improve their critical reading skills, and become more proficient at math just by being a part of the program. Some have also come out of their shells and are now less shy and much more friendly than when I first met them. The kids usually look up to us teens as role models, which is incredible motivation to set a better example for the kids to follow.

Every week I take members of my club from school to tutor. It takes serious dedication for my classmates to get up early on Saturdays mornings, but after coming just once, they begin to look forward to every week. The kids are always cheerful and excited that just by being around them, tutors are encouraged to do their best to help them in school. NGF provides not only a positive and encouraging learning environment for students who are struggling, but also an engaging experience for teens to learn how to manage a classroom and cooperate with others to help the children learn. The benefits of this program are boundless. Even after a year, I am still constantly introducing new peers to the program who fall in love with it. This program is well-organized and ran efficiently, and I am honored to be part of it every weekend

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