Epperson Family Foundation Donates to NGF

November 10, 2016 – Cumming, GA – Next Generation Focus (NGF) announced that it has received a grant of $3,000 from the Epperson Family Foundation.  This is the first time for NGF to receive financial support from the Epperson Family Foundation.  These funds will go towards supporting NGF’s SmarterMe® Academy and Summer Programs in Forsyth County.

SmarterMe® Academy and Summer Program aim to help K-8 students from low-income families who are significantly behind in reading and math in their respective classes.  SmarterMe® Programs provide students with subsidized tutoring on reading, math and other grade-appropriate subjects, as well as STEM enrichment activities.  During the SmarterMe® Academy Program students attend sessions four times a week, on weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings during the school year.  During SmarterMe® Summer Program students attend sessions during the summer months to retain what they have learned during the school year.

“When the grant officer at the Epperson Foundation responded to our email, I was very surprised.  He told us that, after examining our financial data in the GuideStart Database, he appreciated how hard we work to stretch every dollar to cover the tutoring of the students; that was when he decided to fund us.”  NGF’s Executive Director, Amy Sol, said.  “We are honored by the selection and thank the Epperson Foundation for their support.  The way we were selected affirms our work and our growing reputation in the non-profit childhood literacy space.”
About the Epperson Family Foundation

The Epperson Family Foundation is a Private Independent Foundation in Edwards, Colorado. In 2006, it received its exempt organization status from the IRS and now brings in $1.14 M in annual income.  Its areas of philanthropic interest include religious, educational, charitable, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering national or international amateur sports competition (as long as it doesn’t provide athletic facilities or equipment), or the prevention of cruelty to children or animals.


About Next Generation Focus

We are a public charity that is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Its focus is in providing deserving children the opportunity to participate in educational programs and other life-enrichment activities in which they may not otherwise have access to due to financial restraints. Our enrichment and educational programs include an early literacy program to help children who are struggling with reading and a program to help students with college application essays. We also provide financial assistance to students to participate in enrichment programs offered by school clubs such as sports, music, and art. NGF partners with schools to identify eligible children. You can find more information about our SmarterMe® programs here.  All management and staff at NGF are passionate about helping children.  If you would like to donate time or money, please contact us.

Media Contact:
Amy Sol, Executive Director
Email: amysol@nextgenerationfocus.org
Phone number: (678) 807-9NGF

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